beyond tellerrand 2013


A tough job is done and we created schedule for you. It is always important to find the right balance of topics and it might happen that the one or other talk slot changes …

Monday, 27th | Tuesday, 28th

09:00 Doors open // Registration

Beyond Tellerrand

Join Jeremy Keith as he takes a look beyond the edge of the plate.

10:45 30 minute refreshment break

Designing with Empathy

Every decision we make affects the way real people experience our products. We’ve all heard the rallying cry for user-centered design, but even those of us who ascribe to that ideal often fall back on our own biases and instincts when it comes to making decisions about how people experience our content and our services. Sadly, this often means we make decisions we think will be good for our "users"—that anonymous, faceless crowd—rather than actually trying to understand the perspectives, surroundings, capabilities, and disadvantages of the actual people who we are here to serve.

In this session, Aaron Gustafson will explore why empathy is a good thing, how empathy empowers creativity, and how we, as a community, can inject more empathy into our work.

12:00 15 minute refreshment break

Reinventing Online

The web has come a long way, and the new tools we have available to us are, frankly, incredible. The shift we're facing is back to the web, in a post-apps world. Our users expect more today than they did five years ago (before the iPhone), and we expect more today. The beautiful thing is that there are many amazing opportunities for us to create rich web-native experiences that work across all the amazing platforms that have blossomed over the past few years. We'll do better if we're able to question our assumptions in order to design and build things that are truly user-centric.

13:00 lunch break (not provided)

Find Your Voice

The best company voices reflect real people and real values. Kate will talk about finding your company's voice and adapting your tone of voice based on the reader's feelings. She'll share the voice and tone guide her team created and explain how MailChimp's content improved when they introduced accessible writing guidelines that work across departments. Kate will also share a few lessons she learned the hard way, and we'll look at some examples of empathetic content (and not-so-empathetic content) from around the web.

15:45 30 minute refreshment break

Architecting Scalable CSS

Starting a new (particularly big) project is daunting, or at least it should be if you’re doing it right. However, there are a few things you can do in order to guarantee smoother developement, easier maintenance and more natural scalability.

In this talk Harry shows the optimal CSS architecture for building big sites, some handy naming techniques to make code easier to read and work with, some tips and best practices, and other bits and pieces he has picked up in his work at Sky and in building inuit.css.

17:00 15 minute refreshment break

How things change

Our industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift, moving from the book to the API — from a static, finished artifact, to a living, incomplete, and abstract design. That revolution encompasses everything from responsive web design to adaptive content and progressive enhancement. It affects not only what we make but how we work — and, specifically, how we work together. Mandy will outline this shift, putting it in context of those that came before, and exposing a better and more honest way of working. Along the way, she’ll share her own path — and show how she didn’t get here alone.

18:00 See you in the evening session!

Your work is a Gift

If you think about your work as a Gift, it changes who you work for, what you make and why you work. You no longer work to satisfy a boss or a client, or even for a paycheck.

~20:30 Party Time!

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